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Joel is an award winning professional illustrator who has been working in the industry since the '80's. He has owned a picture framing shop and web design firm as well. The most exciting job he ever had was helping hunt for a sunken WW II Imperial Japanese submarine, The I-52. It was the deepest shipwreck salvage operation in the history of the world - a full mile deeper than Titanic!
Joel makes his home in an area known as The Palouse, in eastern Washington State, between the mighty Benewah Range and HangMan Creek, on the edge of the rolling fields that appear in his work.
Joel is an veteran fire man, hence his fire art work.

Here's a partial listing of clients
has done work for...

Advanced Fox Cellular; Aegina Press, Inc.; Aspen Benefits; *Cape Verde Explorations; *Cedar Property Management; The Chicago Fire Dept.; *Country Quilts & Fabric; *FireFighting.com; The Florida Publisher's Assoc.; The Journal of Emergency Medical Services; *Lakeshore Leisure Homes; The National Association of Independent Publishers; The National Fire Academy (now the National Emergency Training Center); National Safety; *PaperQuote.com; *Portico B & B; Rainbow Books; Rescue Magazine; Sparks Furniture; *Tekoa, Washington Chamber of Commerce; Times Mirror Corporation; The U. S. Air Force Reserve; *University Appliance; The University of Chicago Hospitals; The U.S.S. Cabot Association; and The Washington State Dept. of Natural Resources; among others.

* Denotes a Web site which Kimball Media has created or contributed  graphics to

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